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at Half Moon

When people envision paradise, it usually looks a lot like Jamaica. More than its idyllic white sand beaches, clear aquamarine-blue water, lush green jungles, orange sunsets and warm sun-filled days, Jamaica offers a culture rich in art, dance, music and cuisine. Visitors delight in the many surprises of Jamaica. The birthplace of Soul food, Jamaica recognizes the need to nourish the spirit and the body. Jamaica may have cultivated its own elegant way of life, but many of its delights contain a subtle mix of flavors and influences from around the world. Rife with seafood and the freshest of island fruits and vegetables, spiced rums, local brews, reggae music and dance, little pleasures culminate in a larger-than-life experience here. While there is much to see and do in paradise, it is the genuine warmth of the Jamaican people and the spirit of hospitality that make this a place to which visitors return time and time again-and a place that your attendees will never forget.

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